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As a mom, wife, multidisciplinary artist, and creative professional, I bring a diverse range of experiences and skills to my craft. I received my BA degree in Studio Arts, Painting from The University of Marmara, Faculty of Fine Arts in Istanbul in 2001. During my years at school, I had the opportunity to collaborate and learn from different disciplines, including photography, ceramics, and interior design.

Working alongside award-winning architect and academician Engin Sevimli and world-renowned interior designer Zeynep Fadillioglu, I created decorative paintings and acrylic murals with a fellow student and a contractor from Istanbul. I also worked as a trainee, creating ceramic sculpture with ceramic artist Yurdagul Pakalin.

Since moving to Atlanta 19 years ago, I have worked in various odd jobs while learning English. Later, I decided to pursue a career in graphic and web design, working as a freelancer for various start-ups. In 2019, I had the pleasure of meeting and working as a contractor with the talented fashion designer Hea Won Chun Harris and fashion photographer/architect Charles Harris. Throughout this time, I continued to create my paintings, illustrations, and photography.

My work has been exhibited at the Press Museum in Istanbul and various gallery exhibitions and publications in Istanbul from 2000 to 2002. In 2007, I donated some of my work to benefit art education at an art auction held in Atlanta. Additionally, my photography and illustration have been published and awarded by Fine Arts magazine APERO, California, and received curator recognition from artist, curator, and writer E.E. Jacks in 2022.

I am particularly passionate about recreating oil paintings of old masters and forming a bond with the expertise from the Renaissance era. This has greatly influenced my work and technique. Overall, I am committed to my craft and strive to continue to grow and evolve as an artist and creative professional.

About My Work

 As an artist, my passion lies in storytelling and creating fantastical landscapes through my artwork. I seek to transport my viewers to a place of imagination and reflection, where they can lose themselves in the tales of mythical creatures and the enchanting landscapes they inhabit. I am particularly fascinated by the interplay between water and ancient stones, which creates a sense of purification, timelessness, and mystery.

For me, art is a medium for exploring the magic and mystery of our world, and sharing that sense of wonder with others. I draw inspiration from the stories and myths that have been passed down through the ages. Each piece I create is a journey of discovery and a reflection of my own personal growth and evolution as an artist.


Press Museum, Istanbul 2000.

Asli Dogru at Show Apero Fine Arts Magazine June 2021

Orange County, California.

Asli Dogru at Apero Fine Arts Magazine July 2021

Orange County, California.

Artistic Excellence Award 

Circle Foundation for the Arts, 

Lyon, France. 

December 2022

Asli Dogru at Spotlight • Contemporary Art Magazine | 34 

Spotlight • Contemporary Art Magazine | 34 By CFA Press Official Release -October 2023 Explore the 34th edition of Spotlight • Contemporary Art Magazine, showcasing an exclusive curation of 104 talented fine artists hailing from diverse corners of the globe. In this issue, we delve into the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art, offering a rich tapestry of ideas, techniques, and aesthetics that deserve a place in your collection. It's your chance to own a tangible piece of contemporary art history.
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Interview with Contemporary Art Curator Magazine 2024, United Kingdom UK  


We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with the talented and versatile artist, Asli Dogru. Hailing from Istanbul, Asli's artistic journey has been nothing short of inspiring. Her passion for creativity and artistic expression has led her to explore various mediums, including painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, graphic design, and web design.



The World's Original Fine Art Trade Show

April 4 - 7, 2024

Lower East Side, 299 South Street,

New York, NY 10002

Adapted from Rubens' technique of oil paint on canvas, this painting measures 6 feet x 5 feet. 

Rubens' intention with this artwork was to shock and unnerve, serving as an outcry against the atrocities of war and violence.  Unfortunately, today, nothing has changed. The abuse of power, its brutality, hate, and discrimination are still prevalent in our world. The atrocities of war and violence continue to occur, and human rights are still being violated. It is disheartening to see that the world as a whole has not evolved enough to prioritize truth and justice.

Curator Review

Light Painting

This visual delight of luminosity, evokes desire, the amorphous and what lies beyond the obvious. Dogru’s succinct yet subliminal image acts as a ‘coming of consciousness’. A pulsing, almost celestial movement can be felt in the warm undulating glow and her piece lingers in the mind, revealing those internal truths of change and the requirement of balance.

-E.E. Jacks United States of America

Art Expo New York

Asli Dogru 

“Weightlessness” Series No: 1.

“Weightlessness” Series No: 2.

5 feet x 5 feet

Rebirth- "Echoes of Darkness"

Rebirth- "Echoes of Darkness"

Rebirth- "Echoes of Darkness"


"Mythical City" Series

"Mythical City" Series

"Mythical City" Echoes of Darkness

"Rebirth" Adaptation

"Enchanted Havens"

"Echoes of Darkness"

"Beyond the Stars" Journey though the unknown.

"Submerged Serenity" 

"Angular Momentum" Series

"Angular Momentum" Series

"Realms Beyond the Veil" Series

"Sense of Motion" Series

"Sense of Motion" Series

"Fur Babies" Zekiye

"Fur Babies" Cemile

"Dancing Depths"

Linocut Relief Printing

Surreal Scapes

Linocut Relief Printing

Linocut Relief Printing

"Phantom Recollections"

"Surreal Scapes" Astral Projection Series No: 1

"Janus-faced Creatures"

Digital Illustration "Meditation"

Digital Illustration "Meditation"

Digital Illustration "Meditation"